Another Swing X Golf de Mérignies : Ensemble pour la Biodiversité et l'Éco-Responsabilité

Another Swing X Golf de Mérignies: Together for Biodiversity and Eco-Responsibility

Another Swing is proud to announce a new collaboration marked by commitment to the environment, this time with the Golf de Mérignies, an establishment which has stood out for its dedication to the preservation of nature. The Golf de Mérignies, already awarded a silver medal by the FFGOLF, continues its commitment to biodiversity by joining our mission.

At the heart of this collaboration is our main mission: supporting golf with the cleaning of golf ponds to promote a healthier environment. We thus contribute to preserving these precious aquatic ecosystems while ensuring that golf balls found in ponds are resold or recycled responsibly.

In addition to cleaning its ponds, the Mérignies golf course carries out numerous additional actions: watering with 100% recycled water, development of spaces in favor of biodiversity, 1st golf course to have carried out an exhaustive carbon assessment, "Committed" company for nature" with the OFB. More information on

Another Swing is honored to work hand in hand with the Golf de Mérignies to promote biodiversity and eco-responsibility in the world of golf. This collaboration demonstrates our shared commitment to making our passion for golf a driver of positive change for the planet.

A partnership serving nature, for responsible and sustainable golf.

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