Another Swing rejoint le Golf de Mormal

Another Swing joins the Golf de Mormal

Another Swing continues its commitment in Haut-de-France by proudly associating itself with the Golf de Mormal, located a few kilometers from our Belgian neighbors.

We dove into the four ponds of the Golf de Mormal and pulled out of the water more than 15,000 golf balls, or nearly 700 kg. These balls, which could have threatened the ecosystem, were carefully removed from the water and some of them will be available for resale as used balls on our website or directly in the golf proshop. This initiative demonstrates our determination to protect wetlands and restore their natural beauty.

This initiative with the Golf de Mormal is not limited to this impressive cleaning operation but it demonstrates a common commitment to protect wetlands and encourage circularity in favor of the environment.

We warmly thank the Golf de Mormal, Adam Jones and its members for their enthusiastic welcome. Our days spent together were marked by a shared vision for a greener and more accessible future in the world of golf.

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