Another Swing et le Golf de Thumeries : un partenariat sur le long terme pour un environnement plus vert

Another Swing and the Golf de Thumeries: a long-term partnership for a greener environment

In mid-July, it was in Lille that Another Swing dropped off its equipment and entered into a partnership with the Golf de Thumeries. We are delighted to announce that this partnership is long-term, demonstrating our common commitment to preserving the environment.
We are extremely proud to have been chosen by the Golf de Thumeries to take charge of the sanitation and preservation of their water points and wetlands.
This collaboration goes beyond a simple cleaning mission. It reflects our deep commitment to a more respectful and responsible environment.
Thank you to the Thumeries golf course and its members for the welcome. These days of intervention were marked by conviviality and a shared vision for a greener future in the world of golf.
Together, Another Swing and Golf de Thumeries are committed to making a positive difference for the environment and helping to create a more responsible golf world. We are driven by the hope that this collaboration will inspire other similar initiatives and that we can continue to work together for a more sustainable future.
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