Another Swing et le Golf d'Évreux : un nouveau partenaire local  pour un Golf Durable

Another Swing and the Golf d’Évreux: a new local partner for Sustainable Golf

Another Swing is delighted to announce a local partnership with Golf d'Évreux, a collaboration taking place just a few kilometers from us. This partnership demonstrates our continued commitment to golf sustainability and our desire to support like-minded local golf courses.

It was last week, with typical Norman weather, with an outside temperature of 4 degrees and water at around 10 degrees, that we undertook our first decisive intervention on the Évreux Golf course. This new partnership improves the treatment of golf wetlands and ensures the supply of used balls from the region, thus promoting circularity in the golf industry.

Golf d'Évreux is a key local player and we are proud to partner with them to encourage more sustainable practices in golf.

We therefore thank Golf d'Évreux for their trust in our expertise and look forward to continuing to work hand in hand to promote a more sustainable and responsible approach to golf.

A local partnership for a more sustainable and greener golf future.

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