La récolte des balles dans les étangs, un engageant voyage vers des résultats bénéfiques pour tous

Harvesting bales in ponds, an engaging journey towards beneficial results for all

After long months of hard work, Jules and Arthur are boosted by the conviction that their French company, Another Swing, is about to mark a turning point.
Their objective is clear: to travel across France to demonstrate the many benefits of harvesting bales from ponds and reconditioning them. They are ready to share their expertise and collaborate with anyone who wishes to get involved in this beneficial action for golf courses, consumers and the environment.

Another Swing not only redefines golf by making it accessible to all, but is also committed to an eco-responsible and sustainable approach. Jules and Arthur have developed an innovative method of collecting balls lost in golf course ponds, then reconditioning them using local labor to give them a new life. This process significantly reduces waste and the environmental impact of the golf industry, while providing more affordable quality products to golfers.

Convinced that this ecological approach can revolutionize the golf landscape, Jules and Arthur are committed to raising public awareness and establishing solid partnerships with industry players. They are open to anyone who wants to organize days of action, awareness events or collaborations to promote this common cause. Their dedication and expertise is available to all who share their vision and wish to contribute to a sustainable future for golf.

Harvesting balls from ponds and reconditioning them are not only environmentally friendly practices, but they also provide tangible benefits to golf courses and consumers. By participating in this action, golf courses can demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Consumers, for their part, benefit from a range of quality reconditioned golf balls at very affordable prices, allowing them to practice their favorite sport at a lower cost.

Thus, Jules and Arthur invite all enthusiasts, golfers, consumers and industry players to join them in this meaningful initiative. Together, they can make a difference by transforming the way golf is played and perceived, showcasing the benefits of ball harvesting and reconditioning.


Join them on the eco-responsibility journey!

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